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Expert Witness & Insurance Consulting 

Finding coverage is more than just reading coverage forms.  For example, coverage intent can be imbued through rating rules, and methodologies used of insurance carriers.  Often insureds pay for coverage they do not receive and is excluded.

We bring 4 decades of commercial underwriting expertise, and knowledge to bear on your case.  We can look at the basic course of events and provide insight into how and why events happened to uncover potential hidden issues and identify people and potential documents of interest in your cases.  Our expertise can assist in developing a case strategy and create lines of questioning for witness depositions.

Experts in all lines of coverage.

  • Commercial Property, Inland Marine & Crime

  • General Liability

  • Products Liability

  • Commercial Auto

  • Workers’ Compensation & Employers’ Liability

  • Umbrella & Excess Liability

Specific Industries of concentration

  • Manufacturing risks (Large & small)

    1. Auto & auto part manufacturers

    2. Food product manufacturers

    3. Electronics

    4. Importers

    5. Contract Manufacturers

  • Fabricating risks

  • Retail risk (including National retail chains)

  • Professional sports team & leagues

  • Foreign-national inward investment risks

  • Distributors & Wholesale Risks

  • Hotels & Motel risks

  • Restaurants, bars & nightclubs

  • Habitational risks

  • Contacting risks

Fee Schedule

Phone/email/video Consultation:   $150 per Hour - Minimum Engagement 10 Hours

Deposition & Witness Testimony:  Negotiable

Initial consultation is free.  Email us at richard.uwresource@cox .net or call at (859) 466-7772 to see if we can help

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