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How we help Insurannce Agents and Brokers

Commercial Lines Coaching

You completed your required licensing class and passed your insurance agent’s examination.  Now comes the difficult part of being an insurance agent, working with real business owners and helping them to protect their businesses from risk.  It is a very daunting task.  Unfortunately, the 40-hour licensing class just did not really prepare you and continuing education is usually the same old stuff.

As a commercial insurance underwriter, I saw mistakes made daily leaving exposures uncovered or ineffectively covered leading to excessive premium rates.  Effectively insuring commercial ventures requires technical skills.  Technical skills are hard to come by.  Sometimes they are learned the hard way by losing a client to another agent who developed a better program or even worse with an uncovered claim.  There is a better way. Turn to Underwriter’s Resource help you acquire those skills.


As an approved CE provider in several states (AZ, CA, CO, NV, OR, WA), Underwriter's Resource can create a  customized CE curriculum based on your organization's needs. You decide the topic.  We create the content and file for approval with the state.  Then we come to your location and provide a one of a kind educational experience for your staff. 

Or maybe, you just need a bit of advice on something a bit outside your comfort zone.  Underwriter’s Resource can be the place to call to get unbiased advice.  Underwriter’s Resource customizes a coaching approach to fit your needs whether it is on a specific problem or on an ongoing skills development basis.

Underwriter’s Resource has a flexible fee schedule depending on what you need, the level of engagement selected, and your location.  Contact us to discuss your needs to structure to fit your organization's need.

Business Income Worksheet Completion

BI Worksheet.PNG

Did you know a BI worksheet is required anytime you write Business Income Coverage on an “Agreed Value” basis?  Failure to submit a complete BI worksheet causes coinsurance requirement to be reinstated.

A good BI worksheet is essential to evaluate, design, and construct a better Business Income program.  Yet, completing BI worksheets is a complicated and time-consuming process.  We can help you with that.  We tell you where to find the data points.  You provide the data to us on a worksheet.  We complete the BI worksheet for you.  It is that easy.

Fee:    $125 per BI Worksheet

Software & Computer Program Development

Blog Image for Coinsurance.jpg

There’s an app for that!

We recently developed a program enabling insurance agents to construct and run effective fact-finding meetings with commercial clients to garner information needed to render concise and comprehensive commercial line submissions to their underwriters for a leading Agency Management System provider.

In the age of technology and artificial intelligence, technology should do more than handle billing and manage data.  Underwriter’s Resource develops user friendly Excel based computer programs assimilating knowledge and technical expertise gained from experience encompassing 4 decades of managing commercial risks.  Excel based programs have unique advantages over more complex programming languages.

  1. Short learning curve (everyone already has Excel and understands Excel basics)

  2. No need to download extra software.

  3. Can seamlessly run alongside any other system.


Currently we have 3 programs available to purchase.

  1. Business Income Analyzer

  2. Underwriting Decision 1.0

  3. Risk Manager – Insurance Program Designer (Coming Soon)


If you have an idea for another gizmo, let us know and we can help bring it to life and develop a proprietary product for your exclusive use.

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