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How we help Business Insurance buyers

The business insurance shopping experience in rigged against the small business owner.  It is sad but true.  Small businesses do not pay enough premium to get individual attention, resulting in one size fits all cookie cutter business insurance and risk management plans.

To the average small business owner, the business insurance buying process must seem like swimming with sharks.  Are you getting straight answers?  Are you getting good advice?  How can you lower your costs?  Is your insurance program structured correctly?  Did you get the best deal possible?

Our role is helping small businesses avoid the sharks and manage the process and make better insurance purchasing and risk management decisions.

Business Insurance Audit

Many businesses make mistakes when they shop for business insurance.  Often, they inflict wounds on the process making them less desirable in the eyes of business insurance company underwriters.

This audit is geared for small businesses to assist them to get ready for shopping for business insurance to increase the level of interest to company underwriters.

  1. Review online presence – Business insurance company underwriters review prospective client’s online presence to develop a risk profile that will affect their decision to insure businesses.  The Business Insurance Audit will review your online presence and isolate and identify online content which may impact their insurability and desirability and develop recommendation to improve their presence.

  2. Research appropriate classification – Many businesses are incorrectly classified and in some cases are mischarged.  The Business Insurance Audit will review your operations and advise the correct insurance classifications for liability, workers’ compensation, and auto insurance.  In addition, we will provide insight to rating rules about what is and is not included within appropriate rating basis for your business to prevent overcharging.

  3. Operational Review – A short interview via Skype, phone, chat, text, or email will help Underwriter’s Resource uncover areas which may cause alarm with insurance company underwriters.

      1 to 5 Employees                                        $750

      6 to 10 Employees                                      $1,000

     11 to 25 Employees                                     $1,250


More than 25 Employees - Contact us for a quote.

Email us for more information at

Industries Served

  • Restaurants & Bars

  • Small Manufacturing

  • Yoga & Fitness

  • Wholesale & Distributing​

  • Retail 

Business Insurance 101 for Entrepreneurs and Non-Profits

It is important to create good karma!  We help entrepreneurs.  Perhaps you are starting a part-time business or even just thinking about it.  Maybe you are already in business and want to learn about protecting it.  You don't have cash to spend on a risk manager, but you can spend an hour with us to talk about business insurance.


Maybe you want to know more about how business insurance works?  Don't want to contact an agent because they'll pressure you to buy?  There's a lot of information advice out on the internet about business insurance, some good and some not so good.  A little bit on knowledge can go along way as you shop for business insurance.


This is a basic consultation with an experienced insider to help you become a savvy business insurance buyer.  It may help you save money or maybe give you more confidence to make informed choices.  This will most likely take about an hour.  The best news is we're not going to charge you for this.  That's how we create good karma for ourselves!  That's right we won't charge you a dime!  But if we helped, we ask you write some kind words about the experience so we can post it.

Not everyone will qualify but drop us an email and tell us about yourself.  Email us at to see if we can help.

“Richard is extremely knowledgeable in the subject of insurance. He took his time to explain to me what I wanted to understand about my business insurance options, and he was extremely patient with me as I asked questions and processed the information. Thank you!”

Veda Spidle, Owner – The Karuna Tree Yoga

We needed someone to help us become a better insurance buyer. I conducted a national search, located several experts and interviewed them. Richard Faber of Underwriter’s Resource stood out as the best of the best. Since then, Richard has worked patiently with Camp Krem, teaching us basic concepts and perspectives enabling us to make better decisions on buying insurance. He broke down concepts to be easily understood and explained how to apply them to our situation. With his guidance, we developed the skills to maximize the value of our insurance expenditures and manage risk.


I highly recommend Richard. He is intelligent and knowledgeable, patient and available. He is a consummate professional who truly cares about the people he works with. We are honored to know him. 

Alex Krem, Chair - Camp Krem Camping Unlimited

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